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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.
ICG is an international consultancy providing services related to:​



  • Raising finance for projects in the private and public sectors

  • Equity and debt

  • Procurement of credit for sovereign governments

  • Assistance in project development

  • Provision of EPC contractors

  • Advice on mergers and joint ventures



​A major field of ICG activity is preparation of finance packages. ICG is active in environmental projects; introducing new technologies; power and infrastructure projects; and the health and energy sectors.



Company executives have more than 20 years experience of state organizations and private sector in banking, international law, insurance, engineering, the USA money market, bonds, mortgages and securitization.



ICG has implemented projects in the Middle East, Israel, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and CIS.


ICG has wide experience in project financing and sovereign guarantee financing. ICG have developed methods of financing projects with insurance companies and investment banks.


ICG has a co-operation agreement with AON Israel, part of AON Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company, with offices in more than 120 countries and annual revenues of approximately $7.6 billion. AON a world leader in global insurance and financial markets, including trade finance, risk management products and consulting.


For more information on AON, including financial reports, please see


ICG raises equity in co-operation with American and UK investment banks. ICG works with insurance companies to undertake preliminary enquiries in the relevant financial markets before proposing a structure that could provide financing up to 100% for the project. In order to create securities for the project ICG conducts risks analysis alongside the insurance company. After thorough evaluation of the opportunity, insurance policies are issued against all risks, according to the requirements of the banks.


Once securities are in place ICG approaches several banks requesting offers for the loan and chooses the best offer taking into account all aspects of the project.



ICG, together with an insurance company, negotiates the terms of the loan with the bank. This ensures the financing facility of up to 100% of the project is provided under very competitive conditions with a typical financing period of up to 10 years. Terms and conditions of project loans generally conform to international standards and are subject to market conditions prevailing at the time.

Other Activities

ICG’S other activities include raising equity for high-tech companies and providing financing for small to medium sizes enterprises (SMEs) with potential growth, in a range of sectors.


Raising finance for SMEs is done mostly on AIM or the Plus London stock exchange, especially designed for such companies.


Compared to US and other stock exchanges, regulation and reporting on the London markets is reduced and flexible enough to enable SMEs to raise money quickly and at relatively low cost.

Funds Raised by ICG

Due to contractual confidentiality obligations we can only publish an abridged list of projects we have successfully undertaken:


  • 2008 – 2010 Biofuels and palm oil plants,

  • 2010 – 2013 several Power plants totaling about 500 MW in African countries.

  • 2010 - 2011 government hospitals in African countries.

  • 2013 - 300 MW Power plant in West Africa.

Current Finance & Construction Projects

ICG is currently in the process of arranging financing packages for the following projects:


  • Loans up to $ 1 billion for governments of countries in Eastern Europe.

  • Infrastructure project based on crude oil guarantee in Africa.

  • $200 million gas-fired power plant in West Africa

  • $100 million gas-fired power plant, in Eastern Europe.

  • Equity raising with an American investment bank for an Israeli high-tech company in the field of cellular communications and the medical sector

  • Listing on the LSE and raising funds for a bank in Eastern Europe.Listing on AIM and raising funds for farm and dairy production plant.


ICG construction and finance projects include:


  • 30 MW gas Power Station in Israel.

  • 15 MW Wind Energy farm.

  • 600 bed hospital in Ghana - Diagnostic centers, dialysis centers, oncology treatment.

  • Finance & Supply of Health Equipment

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