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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.



ICG are an International Financial Consultancy, specialists in raising financing for private and public sector development projects and procuring credit for sovereign governments.



ICG are also and Investment company, having our own funds for Equity Investment in Renewable Energy and Infrastructure Projects worldwide. We are well connected to Financial Institutions and the worlds largest Commercial Banks, as well as Pension Funds and Insurance Companies. Together with them we undertake investments in the energy sector.



ICG construction and finance projects include:

  • Power plant in Ivory Coast

  • Hospital in Ghana

  • Biofuel plant in Ghana

  • Wind energy project in Israel

NOTICE! ICG do NOT trade in Crypto currency.


​​​ICG Capital & Finance Corp (UK) Ltd are a private Investment Company that specialises in the energy sector particularly in Europe and Africa. We have a consortium that finances development of large scale Energy projects.


We have connections to reputable European and American Insurance Companies, Pension Funds and Investment Banks. Together with them and private Investors ICG procure the financing for undertaking development of Energy Projects, both renewable and conventional, ranging from £50m - £500m.


We have our own financial, legal and management specialists. 

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